After witnessing the strength, beauty and bravery displayed by so many during this year’s Women’s March, John was inspired to design an equally bold shoe to express his admiration and solidarity: The Pussy Power. 50% of the sales from this shoe will support women’s charities and organizations in each of our Fluevog storecities. We thank you, Fluevogers, […]

It’s About Bloody Time: Illinois Becomes 3rd State To Flush Tampon Tax

As if the punch-to-the-gut cramps and stormcloud of irritability wasn’t bad enough, women dealing with their periods in Illinois have also traditionally had to fork over an extra tax when paying for products like pads and tampons, long-considered “luxury items” by the state. But ready your Midol confetti, ladies: On Friday, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed […]

Chicago Drops Tampon Tax

The Chicago City Council voted unanimously for the measure Wednesday, which dropped a 1.25% city tax. They also are subject to a 6.25% state tax; and 2.15% in other sales taxes. The Illinois legislature is considering measures to drop the state taxes, though the products would still be subject to the 1% sales tax on […]

Commentary: Taking Down the ‘Tampon Tax’ in Chicago and Beyond

Now is not the time to be discreet. Let’s be upfront about the “tampon tax.” Oh wait — did we say tampon? Sorry. We meant “feminine hygiene product.” Last week Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, and Ald. Leslie Hairston, 5th, proposed an ordinance to exclude tampons from Chicago’s 1.25 percent share of the sales tax. Their […]

The Case For Free Tampons

When I got my first period, I was in the most embarrassing place my then-11-year-old self could have imagined: my grandparents’ house. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just put on extra pairs of underwear and threw them away one-by-one, scrunched at the bottom of the bathroom trash bin, as I bled through […]

Here Are The U.S. States That Tax Women For Having Periods

Thanks to public pressure, Canada just became the first country to axe the “tampon tax”—the sales tax imposed on tampons, sanitary napkins, and other feminine hygiene products. Now, more and more women in countries like the U.K., Australia—and the U.S.—are demanding their governments do the same. Of course, sales tax in the U.S. is complicated, […]

Helping Women and Girls. Period.

A friend recently laughed about the time she was unloading the groceries and absent-mindedly put a box of tampons in the freezer, leading her pre-teen daughter to inquire whether they worked better when cold. We all have our stories – ranging from the funny to the mildly embarrassing to the mortifying – that revolve around menstrual […]

Here’s How Much a Woman’s Period Will Cost Her Over a Lifetime

A recent experiment shed light on the “pink tax,” or the price discrepancy that comes with purchasing female-branded products that are essentially identical to male products. But how about the extra cost that comes with a biological function women cannot control? Women’s monthly periods are costing them much more than the pain of menstrual cramps. […]